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Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green learn how to make $$ online / earn gift cards !!
@ livejournal

i'd appreciate it if you could use my referrals links! i get a portion of your earnings at no cost to you.
feel free to note me if you need help making the most of the site / if you want a feature or doodle from me as a thank you for using my referral link! t-thats what you guys are here for right?? my art............ :_( nahh ur right its shit like anyone would want it L 0 L *
* look here for details

why use time advertising your commissions (to get no sales) when you can be earning money online?
I can get $25 every ~two weeks, and where is doing commissions getting me? no where thats what i haven't gotten a commission in months thank god i didnt waste my time promoting
lmfao im not relying on commissions anymore for money bye
• • •

• • •

good bye unwatchers here are my tears TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


s ome more things to think about if you're still not convinced doing commissions is terrible for u:

☆ if you do commissions:

> are you making close to minimum wage :______)))
> risk of carpal tunnel / repetitive strain injury (rsi) / other injuries
> making art starts turning into a chore
> going weeks or months without a single commission
> being "forced" to accept a commission you don't really want to do but you need the money..... because you're going weeks / months without a single commission

☆ but!! if you do "paid to click" online:

> true there's no immediate cash out but
> able to earn while watching movies/shows/anime/etc
> you can even earn while drawing no big deal
> literally the same tasks you might have done before to earn credits on gaiaonline/crunchyroll/etcetc
> literally no real effort required ?????? besides starting out/learning curve
> (( just be wary about third party sites that's the only con?? ))
> you can have your opinion heard by doing surveys LOL
> ???????
> no offense but why are you still doing commissions if you desperately need cash

the surveys and offers though, they're really to similar to offers you can find on sites like crunchyroll/gaiaonline/etc, so what's there to lose if you already do offers on those sites to earn virtual cash?


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